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Before You Pay That Ticket

Before you pay that ticket you should know, you might consider the real cost to convience ration. Everything tthe courts are doing is wrong and we have allowed it. A traffic ticket is all about the money. At the end of the day, the fine is minor compared to the opportunity you have to get a feel for how the legal system works.

We are not against government or the rule of law. We do a radio show called Rule of Law Radio. The show is dedicated to restablishing the rule of law, even for those who are supposed to be enforcing it. We owe this to our children and grand-children.

The traffic courts have devolved into nothing but a money scam. Local muniucipalities found a way to fleece the public for revenue you would not authorize through taxes. Not only can you help us re-establish the rule of law by learning how to take the system to legal task, you can get invaluable experience at the same time.

This site has been developed based on a unique technology that will allow you to apply all the relevant law without having to spend years studying. The technology the site was buildt to demonstrate will allow an ordinary person to come to the legal table with all the tools of the professional.

Quick Start

You can start the process of fighting your ticket by clicking HERE. This will take you to our ticket input page where you can put in the information from your ticket then our electronic paralegal will prepare a set of documents that will give the court a romp through the legal system they are not going to believe.

The links below will give you some insight into the documents we produce:


The Electronic Paralegal Project

Law is not so difficult as lawyers would have you believe. We have developed a set of data-mining and referencing tools that allow our electronic paralegal to connect all the codes together into what we refer to as a legal neuro-net

We actually believed that the practice of law was not an art form, but rather, an engineering procedure. By treating the Constitutions, statutes, codes, rules, and regulations as tech manuals we taught our electronic paralegal to simply connect the dots. Sure, there are a lot of dots, but then that is exactly what electronic memory is best at.


No Artificial Intelligence

There is no AI involved in what we do. We wouldn't know how to define organic intelligence much less construct an artificial one. We are engineers and only know how to connect the dots. Our electronic paralegal simply connects the statutes, codes, rules and regulations together into an electronic network of inter related issues.

The link below will take you to a implementation of one of the technologies we have pioneered for this project. You should find it interesting.

Here is an example of part of this technology.

Learn How To Find Legal Remedy

The only rights you have are those you exercise. Traffic is the best place to learn how the system really works as opposed to the junk you were taught in high school. We can help by providing documents and explainations you will need for every step in the legal process.

This will give you an understanding of how the system works and how you can find remedy in a corrupt system.


Who Are We?

We are the Rule Of Law Radio Show. We are produced by Logos Radio Network and can be heard broadcast in Austin on 89.1 FM. We do live radio and you can listen live HERE or call in to 512-646-1984. and ask questions about legal issues.

We are not lawyers, judges, clerks, or bailiffs. We are paralegal research technicians. We don't come to the table dangling by bar cards. We don't care why our pubic officials do not follow our law. We only care when they don't and are prepared to take them to legal task.

We ask our listeners to do what we have been doing to positive effect. This ticket project is part of a much larger effort to bring the police and courts in line with the law as it is written.